Mobilia Barbeque

The grill constitutes the culinary side of the Mobilia series. The size and the sturdy details make it very suitable for places in which many settle down and dine together.

GH form have in cooperation with Erik Brandt Dam developed the Mobilia series.

Mobilia is urban space inventory developed as a building set of components that unite the quality of industrial production with the opportunity for individual layout in relation to the actual project.

The Mobilia grill’s wide steel edge provides plenty of room for movement. The coal tray that can be moved up and down for filling of coal and regulation of roast temperature is divided into four compartments. The four-division is repeated in the mounted cast iron grate with the strong thickness.

The grill is suited for placement in an open environment, as it consists of only one component, and the grill is founded under terrain.

EBD.10.2051 Mobilia grill has a grate made in untreated cast iron and table top and coal tray made in electroplated steel.